10/20/20 – With a saddened heart, I announce one of our alumni has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Nutty came into our rescue 2 years ago. He was a funny 10 year old. Shortly after, we found him a home that simply adored him. He had a family of his own. We could not have … Read more


10/28/20 – Some sad news today… Zack joins his brother Hank (who went just 8 months ago – both alumni). We are so very sorry for their mom. We know how hard the loss was when Hank passed and now Zack. These two were very bonded and were hardly apart. I am thinking Zack missed … Read more


10/25/20 – Today we said good-bye to Nana. At the beginning of August we saw a senior lady at risk for euthanasia by gas chamber in a neighboring shelter. We worked with another rescue and many caring people to get her out of that shelter and bring her here. It was pretty apparent on arrival … Read more


10/21/20 – We just heard that one of our alumni has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Waffles has been in her forever home for four and a half years and it warms our heart to know how loved she was. We are grateful for that. I only wish she could have gone on longer. She … Read more


10/11/20 – Earlier this year we took in a senior. Normally we have our seniors for a bit, but Snoopy caught the eye of a loving family and was placed rather quickly. We could not have found a better place. These last few months we watched Snoopy and his family completely in love and happiness. … Read more


10/11/20 – When I received Sandy, she was truly in need of rescue. She was young but severely neglected. She was terrified and completely matted. Once we could cut her down and settle her in a foster home, she started to open up and blossom. We all realized fairly quickly that her forever home was … Read more

Jack (formerly Jazz)

10/8/20 – We lost another angel. He came into our rescue close to 10 years ago. He was a fun loving guy. Jack found a home fairly quickly with a family that would show him all the love he deserved and he had a canine sibling named Magic to share the years with as well. … Read more

Scooter (previously Scratch)

8/12/20 – We have some sad news. Scooter (previously Scratch) has crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so sad to hear this as he was not only young, but actually full of life. He was happy and playful and boy, did he love his toys! A month ago, he became suddenly ill and it … Read more


7/29/20 A little over 3 years ago, we helped out a fairly large rescue with close to 40 research beagles. We did not take all but coordinated with other rescues so that we all were able to help and take some. These girls had been in a lab for a very long time, being tested … Read more


7/29/20 – A little over 2 years ago, I had an owner surrender that was heart breaking. Not because the dog was in such bad shape, actually the opposite. He was in fabulous shape but he was 16 years of age and I couldn’t imagine surrendering your loved one at that age to go to … Read more