5/17/23 8 years ago, I pulled a tiny pair of maltese babies out of the shelter. Their life was threatened at the time and we did not want them to be put to sleep. I figured a pair of tiny dogs would not take up much room. Mimi was only 5 lbs. These two were so cute and honestly very easy to care for. I was thankful to get them out of the shelter and let them live a fabulous life. About one month later, the perfect family came along for the bonded pair. This is where the fabulous life really started. They already had an elderly maltese and you could see how caring they were. I had no doubt that this was their family. It was very sad, when I heard last night that little Mimi crossed over the bridge. It is a devastating blow to the family and many of us really know how that is, unfortunately. I am so very sorry for their loss of beautiful Mimi and I thank them for giving her the best loving home all these years. I only wish they could have held onto her longer. Rest in Peace beautiful Mimi, prayers and thoughts to your family. ❤️💔