Faith (formerly Sprite)

5/19/23 One year ago, Sprite came into our rescue. She had been transferred to us through our rescue partners who got her medical started as she came into rescue in very rough shape. She was stable and made her way to us. She was a character and we did not really know how old she was. It was clear she had a bad life thus far. But she had spunk. One time, I came up on her and my old lady arguing over a bed. lol. It was a fight of the old ladies. About one month later, she went into her home and was known more by Faith.

I could not have asked for a better place for her. She really opened up and flourished there. In rescue, this is what we always hope for. We were in constant contact with her family and received updates all the time. I loved hearing about her adventures and how well she was doing. She had slight medical in this past year and recovered through surgery.

Unfortunately, Faith suddenly passed away today. We aren’t sure what the root of it was but it really does not matter as the result is the same. She was well loved. She played with her siblings and her humans. We know dogs live in the moment and although some carry some of their trauma with them, most do not live in the past where it was bad. Most live in the present and Faith was happy and loved. What more could we ask for? Time perhaps? Yes, we all want more time, but for those of us that have seen a lot, we know it is always about quality, not quantity. For Faith, she had amazing quality and for that, I am grateful and content with the life she had. Thank you to her family. We are so very sorry for their loss. Rest in Peace over the rainbow bridge.