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Fragrance ForgeWe want this fundraising event to be a celebration of Jasper's life and a celebration of all the lives saved and changed by Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation. So I want to skip ahead and get the sad part out of the way. In August 2015, at about six years old, Jasper developed a lump on his upper jaw which was diagnosed as cancer. He underwent a major surgery removing half of his upper jaw. His CT scans came back cancer free for over a year, but cancer came back. In December 2017 we had to make the most heartbreaking decision any pet parent ever has to make, but we knew from past experience we could not let him suffer just so we could have more time with him.

Jasper's story still has a happy ending and a silver lining. We knew he'd want us to give the love, happiness, comfort (and food) to another dog that needed a place to go. So, this sweet, silly girl named Emerald now has a forever home and a strong bond with her brother Flint.

We are raising funds in Jasper's name so more dogs can get a forever home, for however much or little time they need it. The tracking is automatic, just order something through this link and SNBRF will get 50%. Thank-you! Order your candles here
Spencer Springs Animal Hospital

~Susie Costa, DVM~

1855 E. Warm Springs Road, 89119

702-896-9999 ~
Legacy Animal Hospital Henderson NV
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