Sherlock (previously Scotty)

6/15/22 7 years ago we took in some sibling beagles. They had been together their whole life and were bonded. They got adopted together and became Sherlock & Watson. We had many adventures with them over the years as we watched them at the SNBRF often. Sherlock (previously Scotty) ended up with renal failure and … Read more


6/10/22 8 years ago, I saw this little guy in the shelter who was to be euthanized for upper respiratory. He instantly tugged at me as he reminded me of our first little we saved. URI is very treatable. So we pulled him out of the shelter. He went into foster care and it did … Read more


5/16/22 Mars was a senior guy we spotted in our local shelter. He had some issues but fixable. The shelter adopted him out and did not fix anything. We were surprised when our little guy showed up at the shelter one month later with all the same issues. We pulled him out. We attended to … Read more


5/16/22 Sinbad came into our rescue 11 years ago. We pulled him out of the shelter. He had an upper respiratory infection and I remember him blowing green boogers all over my chair. LOL. This baby was so sweet and found his family. He was cared for and loved all these years. We are grateful … Read more


5/6/22 We just heard one of our precious alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge. We were so sorry to hear of Jazzy’s passing. This fun loving, full figured girl was adorable and such a good girl. Her family only had her 3 years but we are grateful for the love they poured into her during … Read more

Kenley (formerly Alda Mae)

5/2/22 We received some sad news today. Alda Mae came into the rescue 4 years ago. She found her home and has been living as Kenley. We are so grateful for the love Kenley has received and the family that made her theirs. Unfortunately Kenley recently got sick and as much as everyone tried, she … Read more


4/27/22 8 years ago this little beagle came into our rescue. He stole the hearts right away and found his forever home. That family then adopted a pair of sisters. Unfortunately his sisters already crossed over the rainbow bridge. Now Havoc joins them. We were so sorry to hear of Havoc’s passing. We are so … Read more


4/13/22 It is with a heavy heart that I bring you more bad news. Another alumni has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Aspen is a beautiful girl who found herself abandoned and on her own. She found her way to us and about a month later found her forever home. She has been with them … Read more

Ralphie (formerly Murdock)

4/11/22 – 5 years ago, we pulled this guy out of the shelter. He had a host of issues, but he was so goofy and loving. He and another got adopted together. They lived part of their life in Idaho and then in Kentucky. Yogi had passed previously, but Murdock, who was now going by … Read more


4/11/22 We got some sad news today. Howard came into the rescue in 2013. He was at the shelter and had kennel cough. For the last 9 years, he lived a happy life in Las Vegas and California. His mommy has given him so much love and we so appreciate that. Rest in Peace Howard. … Read more