5/18/24 13 years ago, a friend called for help. This little guy was being kept at a drug house. During an incident, LOX was stranded and abandoned. We tried to find next of kin but the stories didn’t match up and we couldn’t put him in harms way. LOX was such a cutie and we … Read more

Jasper (formerly Bourbon)

5/12/24 5 years ago, this beautiful boy made his way into rescue. Bourbon started his journey in the South and came to us. He was around 3 years of age and was such a fun loving guy. It did not take long, maybe 2 weeks for him to find his home. He became Jasper and … Read more

Matty (formerly Batty)

5/12/24 Batty came into our rescue at 13 years of age about 3 years ago. He had spent his entire life living in a filthy backyard with a sibling that ate all of the food given to them. They did not have much interactions and no socialization. The boys did not need to be together … Read more


5/3/24 Sugar was pulled out of the shelter 10 years ago. Her life was threatened. Just a small terrier and so sweet. We found her a home pretty quickly and she has been happy all these years, even adding another terrier to the family. Sadly, Sugar crossed over the rainbow bridge, leaving a huge hole … Read more


4/11/24. Chica came to us 5 years ago when her original owner went into assisted living and could not take her. She did find the most wonderful home and for the last 5 years has been living the good life with her mommy. She even moved with her. She eventually got some more alumni brothers … Read more


4/10/24 Blue came into our rescue 9 years ago at 9 years of age. The owners stated they did not have time for him. Blue was a beautiful blue fawn beagle but because he was not a youngster, he stayed in the rescue for many months. Luckily his family saw him and it was love … Read more

Penny (formerly July)

4/8/24 July came to us, you guessed it in July. She was a sweet girl and she found her home with a past adopter and became Penny. Penny lived an amazing life these last 7 years. She had a canine brother and her mom and dad who loved her fiercely. We are grateful for that … Read more


4/4/24 7 years ago, we held an adoption event. This person walked up with this really fat beagle with a tiny little head. Her belly was red. They surrendered her. She was nine years of age and apparently had severe allergies her whole life, and her belly had looked red and raw most of her … Read more

3/22/24 Ladybird came into our rescue 6 years ago a happy, beautiful girl. Her foster family loved her and she found her forever family one month later. She had a good happy life with them. Unfortunately Ladybird ended up with cancer and she just recently passed away. She would have been around 11 years of … Read more

Abbi (formerly Anelea)

3/21/24 – Anelea came into our rescue 4 years ago. She found her home within one month and became Abbi! She was a shy dog to start and rarely came up to people willingly. She had a canine sister and the two of them together were great. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Cushing’s 6 months … Read more