12/4/23 n 2014, I pulled a yorkie from the shelter. She was in danger of losing her life because she was matted and had bad teeth. Well a shave and dental later, Athena got to keep her life. After less than one month in rescue, she found a home. Athena was fierce. She also showed … Read more


11/30/23 Manatee came to us at the beginning of October in 2022. It didn’t take long. A month later, she found her forever home. Manatee ended up losing an eye, and this poor girl has had one medical condition after another. Her family loved her fiercely throughout it all. Sadly, her body gave out, and … Read more


11/17/23 8 years ago, we got a call about a mama dog and puppy abandoned at a vet. We step up to help these chihuahuas. Jillian was a chihuahua but she made herself a home with one of our local beagle families and finally got the love she deserved after being a breeder dog for … Read more


11/16/23 10 years ago, a pekingese found her way from us to a past adopter of the same breed. Little Annie started on the streets and was much like a beagle in her hunger for food. She tried to eat all kinds of stuff like spaghetti…. Annie was a rags to riches dog. She ended … Read more

Yogi Bear

11/14/23 Yogi Bear had an awful life. He was part of a hoarding house, where lots of breeding went on. Yogi made it out and to a rescue only recently. He made his journey from the South and entered our rescue at the beginning of July. When Yogi Bear first went into rescue in the … Read more


11/12/23 Cora came into our rescue three and a half years ago. She was a beautiful red tick. Her family surrendered her after they had a baby. But Cora found an even better family that loved her so much. She thrived with them and vice versa. Unfortunately, Cora ended up with bladder cancer as many … Read more


11/11/23 Two and half years ago, we saw a 14 year old that was in the shelter and decided we needed to help him. He was a beagle cocker mix. He was dumped in a shelter when he nipped a grandchild. Doc was a very loving dog that bonded to his human but was grumpy … Read more


10/18/23 A little over 6 years ago, we took in a group of research dogs. These beagles had never seen the light of day. They had no idea what it was to be a dog. They did not know people could be kind. Valentine came in with that group. She was 7 yrs old at … Read more

Zoe (formerly Misty)

10/6/23 10 yrs ago, a beautiful lemon beagle found her way into our rescue when her family was moving and decided not to take her. She started out as Misty but in less than two weeks, she became Zoe and lived the rest of her life in a loving family. They loved her and gave … Read more

Bailey (formerly Thalia)

10/6/23 She ended up being adopted to one of our alumni, who still had a beagle. We knew she was in good hands. They loved Thalia and renamed her Bailey. During her time with them, she had so much care and love. Unfortunately, she ended up having some heart issues earlier this year and ended … Read more