5/14/21 3 days ago, we pulled a ten year old girl out of the shelter. Her body was aged, past ten years for sure. When we got Dottie, we knew she had been neglected and possibly abused for quite some time. Someone just used this girl til there was not much left of her. We … Read more


5/12/21 4 years ago, we were pulling a beagle out of the shelter. At that time we were informed that he was part of a bonded pair and the old chihuahua had to go with him. So we took them both. We found out not only were they not bonded, they only tolerated each other. … Read more


5/7/21 Today is a hard one. 5 years ago, I got a call about an old beagle that was abandoned at the airport. Someone did not want to pay to have him continue on and left him. I could not even imagine. So I went and got Murray. Murray was almost 15. He had a … Read more


5/1/21 Honeygirl came into our rescue in 2012 and was adopted out fairly quickly. Unfortunately 2 years later, she developed glaucoma and the adopters did not feel they could handle that and she came back into rescue. She lost both of her eyes and it did not change her attitude or zest for life at … Read more

Cooper (formerly Copper)

5/1/21 A little over 3 years ago, we took a beagle poodle mix in. He was so cute and I had never seen this mix before. He was a great dog and he found his home and has been doing wonderfully since. Unfortunately about a year or so ago, he was diagnosed with Cushings. Anyone … Read more


4/30/21 In January of 2020, we took in a special senior out of the shelter. He was 15 years of age. We ended up doing much medical on him to make sure his quality of life was good. In the past 6 months or so, he developed some dementia but we still tried to give … Read more

Easter Babies 💔

4/9/21 – His loving light blessed us early Easter morning and gave us 5 babies. But then he called them home one by one. He saw our sorrow, he saw us fight and gave them strength, but in the end, he called them home. Our little ones were small and frail. We barely slept and … Read more


4/5/21 – Some very sad news today, as one of our alumni crosses the rainbow bridge. 4 years ago, a tiny beagle made her way from North Carolina to Las Vegas.  She was the sweetest little girl and a friend to everyone she met. We found her home with a past adopter rather quickly. Coco … Read more

Robin (previously Leona)

4/2/21 – 5 years ago we pulled a pair of breeding girls from a shelter. They had been used their whole life. Two months later, they both landed in the same home and have thrived. Robin (previously Leona) unfortunately just passed in her sleep on March 31st, a cruel April fools joke. Her family is … Read more

Riley (formerly Miley)

3/19/21 We just found out one of our alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so saddened to hear this. About four and half years ago, we pulled a beagle out of the shelter. She seemed to be a stray, no one reclaimed her, and she had a puncture wound. She came out of … Read more