Faith (formerly Sprite)

5/19/23 One year ago, Sprite came into our rescue. She had been transferred to us through our rescue partners who got her medical started as she came into rescue in very rough shape. She was stable and made her way to us. She was a character and we did not really know how old she … Read more


5/17/23 8 years ago, I pulled a tiny pair of maltese babies out of the shelter. Their life was threatened at the time and we did not want them to be put to sleep. I figured a pair of tiny dogs would not take up much room. Mimi was only 5 lbs. These two were … Read more


3/9/23 10 yrs ago, this beautiful blue tick beagle came into our rescue. He was very active and was a puppy and had already gone through 2 homes in just 7 months. When we saw him, instantly a particular family popped into my head. He just looked like he belonged with them and seemed to … Read more


5/5/23  Griffin came to us from the South. He was such a sweet boy and found a home. They truly loved him so much and it was a sudden shock went he ended up with stomach cancer and passed quickly. We are grateful for the time he was with his family. We know he was … Read more

DJ (formerly Hugs)

4/24/23 We are in utter shock to hear of the passing of our alumni Hugs. Hugs came into rescue and was terrified of life. He was a big boy and he slowly started coming around in his foster home. His foster family believed he was quite young…. probably around 1 year of age. He certainly … Read more


4/20/23 6 years ago this month, a special group of girls came to us. They spent their entire lives in a research facility. From when they were babies, all they knew was unkind humans who experimented on them. Can you imagine babies being born in such a horrific environment? Being forced to endure cruel experimentations … Read more


3/31/23 Very sad news….we suddenly lost Dill. Dill was surrendered to us when members of the family tried to get in his face and he nipped them. He had beautiful blue fawn coloring. Dill was a great dog, he was super friendly and active. He loved his beagles. He always seemed to know when he … Read more


8 to 9 years ago, I took in a pair of brothers. They were purchased and after several years, they were surrendered. It seems the brothers were never allowed inside. Anyway, they were adopted and shortly after the owners went on a trip and asked us to watch them. They never came back. Wow! Failed … Read more


3/8/23 A rural shelter in Utah contacted us about an old senior dog, who was maybe 15 years old,  and brought in as a stray. They felt he was blind and deaf and in poor shape. I immediately said yes. We had some amazing supporters that jumped in to transport him and get him to … Read more