Theodore (Teddy)

1/18/22 Almost 9 years ago, two dogs came into the rescue (brothers we believed).  They had been abandoned in someone else’s yard and that person sought out help and we stepped in. We originally thought they might need to go together but actually, they were quite independent. One of them was Theodore. Theodore ended up getting … Read more


1/6/22 We took Casey in with another beagle as a binder pair 7 years ago. She found the most wonderful home with several of our other beagles. Unfortunately, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry for her family’s loss. Rest in peace Casey, join your brother and run free. 💕 Tribute from … Read more

Maggie (formerly Aggie)

12/31/21 In July, we were asked to help with a beagle in Mexico. She had a horrible life there being used for breeding. Of course we helped. We started on her vetting there with some surgeries. We finished up her vetting here with more. We were excited to give her the opportunity for a new … Read more

Stanley (formerly Eggroll)

12/14/21 A little over 5 years ago, we took in this beautiful red beagle. He was fun and we named him Eggroll. He found a wonderful home and became Stanley. He provided much joy for his family. We were so saddened to hear of his recent passing. I know the family is devastated as well. … Read more

Kozmo (formerly Baloney)

12/1/21 – A few years ago, we were involved with helping 150 beagles in a hoarding/hunting case. Many rescues were involved and we took several of the dogs. At the time, we named this guy Baloney. He found himself a wonderful home with another alumni and was happy and loved. He forever more became known … Read more


11/23/21 8 yrs ago, a beautiful blue fawn beagle came into our rescue. He was found left behind in a home that was foreclosed upon and he was barely alive weighing only 12 pounds. He was nursed back and surprisingly in fairly good health. Cody was able to find a home with a family that … Read more


11/16/21 Harley came to us a few years ago as an owner surrender. As many Shih Tzu do, Harley looked like a cute little ewok. He loved to play with his ball. He also loved to hang out and be wherever you were. He was adopted and had a wonderful loving home. Unfortunately Harley passed … Read more

Hank (formerly Einstein)

10/11/21 – 4 years ago, we had a beagle named Einstein in the rescue. He was about 6 yrs old at the time and full of life. He found his forever home and has lived as Hank since. We were thrilled to hear how happy he was and they adopted another beagle to be with … Read more

Gillie (formerly Millie)

10/11/21 – About 6-7 yrs ago, a beagle was surrendered into our rescue. She had severe eye issues and untreated dry eye. A couple that had adopted from us before and had lost their fur baby a couple of months ago, came to visit. They saw Millie and it was almost instant love. A few … Read more


10/3/21 About 5 years ago, we took in a dog whose owner was declining. Cowboy was a nice dog but had some neglect but we got him on track and he found the most wonderful home in just a few months. He was around 10 years old at the time. He has now been in … Read more