Robin (previously Leona)

4/2/21 – 5 years ago we pulled a pair of breeding girls from a shelter. They had been used their whole life. Two months later, they both landed in the same home and have thrived. Robin (previously Leona) unfortunately just passed in her sleep on March 31st, a cruel April fools joke. Her family is … Read more

Riley (formerly Miley)

3/19/21 We just found out one of our alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so saddened to hear this. About four and half years ago, we pulled a beagle out of the shelter. She seemed to be a stray, no one reclaimed her, and she had a puncture wound. She came out of … Read more


3/11/21 Landon was a very handsome chocolate boy. He came to us through our rescue partner. We do not know what his early life was like but we do know that whoever had him, moved and left him behind, all alone. He was found barely alive at only 8 lbs, which is basically a bag … Read more


2/17/21 6 years ago, we took this beautiful girl in. She was supposed to be about 8 years of age. We had a hard time believing this because she was so athletic and could jump an insanely high amount. We had many chuckles with her antics. We were so happy to have found her the … Read more


1/20/21 We just learned of one of our alumni that crossed over the bridge. BJ actually passed in October of this past year but we just learned of his passing. BJ came to us in December of 2019. He was a senior boy at 14 years of age. He was a sweet boy who had … Read more


1/27/21 Some sad news today. One of our alumni crossed over the bridge. 4 years ago, I went and picked up a beagle from the shelter. She had been confiscated and she was in rough shape. Her foster dad, who is known for taking on the heavier less wanted ones, loved her fairly instant. He … Read more


1/20/21 One of our alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge. Max came into our rescue and was known as Mr T. He was a lovable older guy. He was adopted and has been a great joy to his family. Unfortunately just over 2 years later, Max ended up getting sick and struggling to breathe.  We … Read more


1/13/21 – One of our alumni crossed the rainbow bridge. We pulled her out of the shelter where her life was at risk for an eye issue. She quickly found her forever home. I am forever grateful to her mom who saw the beauty in her and loved her all of these past almost 5 … Read more

Max (formerly Twinkle)

Beagles in our care

1/6/21 – One of our alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge. Max (previously Twinkie) was in his forever home for 5 years. He was loved very much. Before this last loving home, he wasn’t cared for much. Beagles can be stubborn and they are not for everyone but when you know and love the breed and … Read more