1/10/23 We received more sad news. Argos came into our rescue as a young pup many years ago. He was adopted 12 years ago and has suddenly crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so saddened to hear of this loss but are very happy that he had a loving home where he was a … Read more


1/9/23 Desire came into our rescue in the beginning of 2021. She found her home with a past adopter and we knew her life would forever be better and she would be loved. She was overweight at the time but she dropped that with her new family. Unfortunately, Desi was lost suddenly when her spleen … Read more


12/29/22 When this guy came to us, he was a hot mess. Pomeranians are mostly fluff so we named him Nugget. Nugget had health issues: an enlarged heart, collapsing trachea, and focal seizures. But he was a happy guy and landed himself in a forever home with a loving pomeranian family. We were thrilled he … Read more

Henry (formerly Hendrix)

12/29/22 This happy boy came to us many years ago. I believe it was 8 years or so ago. We named him Hendrix. He was a fun guy! He found his home, forevermore was known as Henry and he has been loved for all these years. As his family said, “I figured we walked over … Read more

Buddy (formerly Barbosa)

12/26/22 We lost another alumni Barbosa, who was just shy of 5 years old. We took Barbosa in when someone was desperate to find a spot for him. We were told he was emaciated and was living with people on the street. Turns out he was doing pretty good and was not emaciated and found his … Read more


12/19/22 Honey came to us 8 years ago. She was a sweet girl who found her forever home rather quickly. She went to a past adopter and became part of a family. Unfortunately, at the age of 16, Honey declined and has now crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so saddened to hear of … Read more

Maggie (previously Jovie)

11/14/22 It is with a heavy heart that we pass on the news. One of our alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge this weekend. Maggie (previously Jovie) came into the rescue just shy of 4 years ago. She was pulled out of our local shelter where her life was in danger. She was found as … Read more


11/4/22 Basho was a hound mix that came from hard beginnings but made his way here and into a loving home. We are so grateful he had this home where he finally got to experience love and to know what is was to be a dog. He also got to know the love of canine … Read more


11/2/22 Five years ago, this lovely boy came to us from a shelter. Jet was a great dog and loved life. He found his home where his mommy has loved him all these years. Jet crossed over the rainbow bridge peacefully this morning in his loving home. We are grateful that he had the home he … Read more


11/2/22 Four years ago, we took this sweet puggle in. Marlow was an excellent dog and turned into an easy foster because of that. Well, she found the perfect home that fit her. She had a mom that loved her and a puggle as a brother as well! Marlow had a good time living in … Read more