11/23/21 8 yrs ago, a beautiful blue fawn beagle came into our rescue. He was found left behind in a home that was foreclosed upon and he was barely alive weighing only 12 pounds. He was nursed back and surprisingly in fairly good health. Cody was able to find a home with a family that … Read more


11/16/21 Harley came to us a few years ago as an owner surrender. As many Shih Tzu do, Harley looked like a cute little ewok. He loved to play with his ball. He also loved to hang out and be wherever you were. He was adopted and had a wonderful loving home. Unfortunately Harley passed … Read more

Hank (formerly Einstein)

10/11/21 – 4 years ago, we had a beagle named Einstein in the rescue. He was about 6 yrs old at the time and full of life. He found his forever home and has lived as Hank since. We were thrilled to hear how happy he was and they adopted another beagle to be with … Read more

Gillie (formerly Millie)

10/11/21 – About 6-7 yrs ago, a beagle was surrendered into our rescue. She had severe eye issues and untreated dry eye. A couple that had adopted from us before and had lost their fur baby a couple of months ago, came to visit. They saw Millie and it was almost instant love. A few … Read more


10/3/21 About 5 years ago, we took in a dog whose owner was declining. Cowboy was a nice dog but had some neglect but we got him on track and he found the most wonderful home in just a few months. He was around 10 years old at the time. He has now been in … Read more


4/27/21 – Lambchop started her journey in Mississippi with our partners, Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue. They pulled her out of the shelter and started working on her medical and treating the heartworms. She then made her journey here to us. Lambchop was such a sweet girl and really not that old, maybe 8. … Read more


9/26/21 – Around 8 years or so ago, a beagle came into our rescue. He was used to a life living outdoors without love. Snoopy not only wanted love but definitely deserved it. Luckily we had a beagle person we knew that decided he would foster him. The rest is history. He fell for Snoopy … Read more


9/24/21 – It has taken me days to compose myself and let you know of a true angel alumni that crossed the bridge. Clarence came into the rescue in November 2020 out of a shelter. He was a hot mess for sure – overweight, nails extremely long and curling, old, bad teeth, lumps, skin infections, … Read more

Badger (formerly Biscuit)

8/31/21 6 years ago a sweet beagle named Biscuit came into our rescue. He found his forever home and then his family grew. He ended up with a human sibling and a beagle one. He enjoyed his life until recently when the now Badger (since adoption) started going downhill with kidney failure. Unfortunately Badger crossed … Read more


8/16/21 – Charlie came into the rescue in 2013 and one month later found her home. She lived a happy life getting the love she deserved. Recently, Charlie encountered some heart issues and sadly she crossed over the bridge yesterday. She was 17 years of age. We are so thankful to her daddy who loved … Read more