4/13/22 It is with a heavy heart that I bring you more bad news. Another alumni has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Aspen is a beautiful girl who found herself abandoned and on her own. She found her way to us and about a month later found her forever home. She has been with them … Read more

Ralphie (formerly Murdock)

4/11/22 – 5 years ago, we pulled this guy out of the shelter. He had a host of issues, but he was so goofy and loving. He and another got adopted together. They lived part of their life in Idaho and then in Kentucky. Yogi had passed previously, but Murdock, who was now going by … Read more


4/11/22 We got some sad news today. Howard came into the rescue in 2013. He was at the shelter and had kennel cough. For the last 9 years, he lived a happy life in Las Vegas and California. His mommy has given him so much love and we so appreciate that. Rest in Peace Howard. … Read more


3/11/22 9 years ago, I was contacted that someone who had a few beagles went out one afternoon and when they came back home, there were extra beagles amongst theirs. The pair of extra beagles ended up in the shelter and we pulled them out. We believe they were brothers but as it turned out, … Read more

Zora (formerly Gail)

3/1/22 Gail came into our rescue in December of 2020. She had been treated for heartworm through our rescue partners. She likely was confined and used for breeding and hunting. She started feeling better and bam, exploded into a lively girl in her foster home. She ended up being diagnosed with a very rare heart … Read more


2/9/22 8 years ago, a handsome beagle found his way into our rescue. He was abut 5 years of age at the time. He ended up in a foster home. That foster family fell hard and before we knew it, Shiloh was a part of the family. He helped many other foster dogs find their … Read more


2/3/22 10 years ago, we took a beagle in from a neighboring state shelter. He was about 5 years old at the time. It took his foster family just a short time to realize Rusty was home. He was adopted by them. He lived many years with them and then moved across the pond with … Read more


1/25/22 9 years ago we took in a little beagle named Riley. At the time he was about 6 years old and was coming in from an owner. Riley was almost blind and had issues with depth perception. He found his home rather quickly and although touch and go at first, they stuck through it … Read more

Theodore (Teddy)

1/18/22 Almost 9 years ago, two dogs came into the rescue (brothers we believed).  They had been abandoned in someone else’s yard and that person sought out help and we stepped in. We originally thought they might need to go together but actually, they were quite independent. One of them was Theodore. Theodore ended up getting … Read more


1/6/22 We took Casey in with another beagle as a binder pair 7 years ago. She found the most wonderful home with several of our other beagles. Unfortunately, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry for her family’s loss. Rest in peace Casey, join your brother and run free. 💕 Tribute from … Read more