8/16/22 5 years ago this gorgeous lemon beagle came into the rescue when his owner went into hospice. It did not take long for a multi time adopter to see Casey and adopt him. Casey had an amazing life with beagle siblings and a mom that adored him. She was a retired nurse and always … Read more


8/5/22 – 8 years ago in 2014, I saw a post that a fellow rescuer posted of a little blind dog at the shelter. Her life was in danger and she would be euthanized for being blind. We had just started taking “littles” in 6 months previously. I have had plenty of blind dogs, so … Read more


7/30/22 10 years ago, we pulled a beagle out of our local shelter who was going to be put down for ear infections. Max found his home and for the next 10 years has been a wonderful companion. He had canine siblings and even had a baby human sister. Unfortunately last year he started having … Read more

Tuchanka (formerly Farley)

7/24/22 Unfortunately we lost another alumni… Tuchanka (previously Farley) crossed over the rainbow bridge… this happy guy came to us a little over 6 years ago. Ten days later, he was officially in his forever home. His family saw him and had an instant connection. He was top dog in his family and he saw … Read more


7/22/22 We received some very sad news. One of our alumni has crossed the rainbow bridge. 10 years ago we took in this little adorable beagle. We called her Fergie. It did not take long at all for her to find her family and she became Abby!! Abby lived a phenomenal life with a family … Read more

Ladybug (formerly York & Lady York 💕)

6/27/22 We received some sad news today… One of our alumni became an angel. She went through several name changes. She started with us as York (after the candy). She was a tripod that had such strength and was so happy that she was affectionately renamed Lady York. We were thrilled when someone we knew … Read more

Sherlock (previously Scotty)

6/15/22 7 years ago we took in some sibling beagles. They had been together their whole life and were bonded. They got adopted together and became Sherlock & Watson. We had many adventures with them over the years as we watched them at the SNBRF often. Sherlock (previously Scotty) ended up with renal failure and … Read more


6/10/22 8 years ago, I saw this little guy in the shelter who was to be euthanized for upper respiratory. He instantly tugged at me as he reminded me of our first little we saved. URI is very treatable. So we pulled him out of the shelter. He went into foster care and it did … Read more


5/16/22 Mars was a senior guy we spotted in our local shelter. He had some issues but fixable. The shelter adopted him out and did not fix anything. We were surprised when our little guy showed up at the shelter one month later with all the same issues. We pulled him out. We attended to … Read more