3/9/23 10 yrs ago, this beautiful blue tick beagle came into our rescue. He was very active and was a puppy and had already gone through 2 homes in just 7 months. When we saw him, instantly a particular family popped into my head. He just looked like he belonged with them and seemed to be their kind of dog. Well, they met him and made him part of the family.

Now, don’t get me wrong. He was not this easy dog. He was a strong willed beagle, but Augie Doggie fit right in and this would be his final home. We were so happy for him and we got to see him often. Everyone loved Augie! He made friends wherever he went and he often went to mom’s work. He loved chasing rabbits and loved being with his family. Unfortunately, Augie ended up with cancer that moved through him quickly and he passed over the rainbow bridge. We are so sorry for his family’s loss. But we are grateful for the years he had with them and for seeing him through and loving him with all his faults. Rest in Peace Augie….chase the bunnies over the rainbow bridge.