6/4/23 Chara came into our rescue a little over one year ago. She was dumped into an Utah shelter in very bad shape. We had many wonderful people help to get her to us where we started working on her care.  She was doing great and was ready for a home. We do know that seniors often get looked over. She was one of them, but she was happy in her foster home. Then, she ended up with cancer and was moved to a hospice status. Chara knew no differently and was still happy in her foster home. She often was at the vet for this or that, and recently, her cancer had spread, and the new tumors were causing her a lot of pain. Yesterday, we helped Chara cross over the rainbow bridge. Run free, out of pain, sweet girl. Chara was with us just shy of  15 months and was about 13 yrs of age. She was happy and loved during that time. Rest in peace, Chara