6/14/23 – 12 years ago, I was asked to take a couple of beagles from a neighboring shelter. We agreed to and set up transport. The car pulled in and as the beagles got out, all I saw were legs and said, “those aren’t beagles” ha, ha, ha.

Quinn was a beautiful treeing walker coonhound. He was just a baby too. He was a love and goofy as most hounds are. We loved him.
A family came to a park meet and had their eyes on a particular beagle and were excited to meet her. Then I saw the dad of the family just watching Quinn run. Coonhounds need run room and Quinn was graceful running and caught their eye. He was not what they were looking for. He was much larger. I knew from that moment, Quinn likely found a home. He went and met the entire family and Quinn never came back to rescue.
Unfortunately, Quinn crossed over the rainbow bridge. I am grateful that he was loved all these years by his family. We are terribly sorry for their loss. We loved him and I know they did too. Their hearts are shattered and we hope with time, their memories turn to comfort and joy.
Rest in Peace Quinn, you were loved, good boy.