4/20/23 6 years ago this month, a special group of girls came to us. They spent their entire lives in a research facility. From when they were babies, all they knew was unkind humans who experimented on them. Can you imagine babies being born in such a horrific environment? Being forced to endure cruel experimentations and being forced to produce more dogs to undergo such atrocities. It is a horrible existence. Most research dogs get released after they are finished with them and either disposed of or discharged to other facilities.

We were asked to take a group of them and gladly stepped up. Charity was among them and was about 7 or 8 years old at the time. She was terrified of the world she had never known. She never walked on grass or had human love. No toys, no playing, no sunshine, no anything.

These dogs usually take time to learn trust. Charity especially had issues likely from being used as a tool, that caused many digestion and gastric issues. Her family took her and loved her and worked wonders with her where others would have given up long ago. She was so loved and we knew how special her relationship was to her mommy and to her brother (also an alumni), who helped her learn to be in a family.

Unfortunately, she passed suddenly and unexpectedly and her family had their hearts ripped out. We are eternally grateful for the love they poured into this girl who flourished under their care. We are so sorry they lost sweet Charity and she will be greatly missed. She was a special lady. Rest in peace, run free over the rainbow bridge Charity! 💕