DJ (formerly Hugs)

4/24/23 We are in utter shock to hear of the passing of our alumni Hugs. Hugs came into rescue and was terrified of life. He was a big boy and he slowly started coming around in his foster home. His foster family believed he was quite young…. probably around 1 year of age. He certainly acted like it! When no one was around and he did not have to be afraid, he got to work looking for food in microwaves and bread boxes…. This big boy was a riot! (Well….maybe not to his foster 😅)

💕 Hugs was adopted and became DJ. He was in the vet just recently and although they felt his heart was slightly enlarged, they felt he was stable and fine. Unfortunately, only one year after they adopted the young DJ, he passed away. It is a painful reminder that it is out of our hands. We are so sorry for his family’s loss and are grateful for the love they provided him. Rest in Peace DJ.