1/6/22 We took Casey in with another beagle as a binder pair 7 years ago. She found the most wonderful home with several of our other beagles. Unfortunately, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry for her family’s loss. Rest in peace Casey, join your brother and run free.

💕 Tribute from Casey’s Mom:  Casey was one of 4 adult Beagles which we adopted together over 7 years ago at the Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue. Due to old age/illness, we lost Casey’s brother Bailey, then Bo, and then Honey Girl. Our hearts were broken in a million pieces as each passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We were still so blessed to have our Casey girl. Even at 15 years of age, she was quite healthy and spry, so much, that we adopted a younger Beagle “Jameson” last March to keep her company. After some recent blood work and X-rays, we learned that Casey had a slight heart murmur and slight heart enlargement, but nothing to be alarmed about. We were grateful for this. Sadly and very unexpected, as Casey was coming into the house after her last potty of the night on Monday, January 3, she lied down on her doggy bed and peacefully passed with us embracing her. Our hearts are once again broken in a million tiny pieces. Rest well our baby girl, until we are united again in paradise.