Maggie (formerly Aggie)

12/31/21 In July, we were asked to help with a beagle in Mexico. She had a horrible life there being used for breeding. Of course we helped. We started on her vetting there with some surgeries. We finished up her vetting here with more. We were excited to give her the opportunity for a new home and glad we could change her life for the better.

Aggie did find her home 5 months later. We know these last months were her best months and she was loved both in her foster home and forever home. She became Maggie in her forever home. Unfortunately only 3 weeks later, she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. We were devastated to hear this news. This is never the outcome we want. Maggie was young at only 5 years of age. Being in rescue as long as we have been, we know dogs can go at any age. There are no guarantees in life but we hate to see this. We wanted so much more for her. We are very sorry to Aggie/Maggie and to her family that grabbed on tight and had a tremendous blow. Rest in Peace over the rainbow bridge girl. This one picture of her upside down is one of my favorites.