Theodore (Teddy)

1/18/22 Almost 9 years ago, two dogs came into the rescue (brothers we believed).  They had been abandoned in someone else’s yard and that person sought out help and we stepped in. We originally thought they might need to go together but actually, they were quite independent.

One of them was Theodore. Theodore ended up getting adopted to to a wonderful home and in turn that family became very involved with the rescue. Teddy was very much an ambassador and helped many of our dogs that came into the rescue. He worked just as hard for rescue as we do and was a complete asset.
He recently became sick.  He has had bouts before and we expected he would rebound as usual but this time was different. We are completely devastated to hear of his crossing.  We all loved Teddy. This is a tremendous loss for the rescue as well as his family. I’d like to think we were all part of his family and he will be greatly missed.  We thank his family for giving him such a wonderful, stable loving home all these years and for taking such great care of him. We thank Teddy for all he has done and contributed to the rescue. Go rest in peace Teddy. Until we meet again.