Zora (formerly Gail)

3/1/22 Gail came into our rescue in December of 2020. She had been treated for heartworm through our rescue partners. She likely was confined and used for breeding and hunting. She started feeling better and bam, exploded into a lively girl in her foster home. She ended up being diagnosed with a very rare heart condition that should have killed her years previously. That just showed what a little fighter our girl was. She adjusted well and stabilized in foster care.

Her mommy who had originally met her pulling her off transport, adopted her knowing she had some medical issues. She still was full of life and was now enjoying it, likely for the first time ever in her life. She lived with her beagle siblings and was doing great. Until she wasn’t. She started to get sick regularly and even though her food was home cooked, it did not seem to matter. Lots of tests were run and then exploratory surgery where it was found she was completely full of cancer. We had so much more hope for Zora. We wanted so much more. We are so sorry that she crossed over the rainbow bridge. We wanted more for her and her family.

Unfortunately, we know that nothing is a guarantee and we have been through this before. Sometimes life is not fair. Sometimes we lose them anyway. Sometimes we are left speechless. Sometimes we do not know what happened or how that happened so quickly. Sometimes we have questions and no answers. What we do know is that we have only wanted the best for our dogs and although we always hope and want more time, sometimes it is not in our hands and not our choice and we lose them anyway. We are thankful Zora had a family that loved her and got to live her best life even though we feel we did not have her nearly long enough. Rest in Peace Zora, until we meet again. We will watch over mommy.