2/9/22 8 years ago, a handsome beagle found his way into our rescue. He was abut 5 years of age at the time. He ended up in a foster home. That foster family fell hard and before we knew it, Shiloh was a part of the family. He helped many other foster dogs find their way from rescue to forever homes. He moved across the country to be back East with his family. He was loved all these years. Something we are very grateful for.
Unfortunately Shiloh was just diagnosed with cancer and no sooner than a treatment plan was getting set up, Shiloh went downhill quickly and started to suffer. As much as it hurt their hearts, his family decided it was only right to let him go and be at peace, not in pain. We know how hard this is and are so terribly sorry for their loss. Rest in peace Shiloh. Thank you for helping the others.