Yogi Bear

11/14/23 Yogi Bear had an awful life. He was part of a hoarding house, where lots of breeding went on. Yogi made it out and to a rescue only recently. He made his journey from the South and entered our rescue at the beginning of July. When Yogi Bear first went into rescue in the South, his nails were so long, they were curled and embedded into his paws. How awful that pain must have been. He had to go under anesthesia to have it taken care of properly.

When he came to us, he could not really walk. Maybe a few steps. He mostly dragged himself. We found he could walk with the assistance of a sling. Surely he needed a lot of care. We had him evaluated and found he had a spinal injury. Most definitely while under the care, if you can call it that, of his awful owners.

We knew there was a good chance Yogi Bear would never make it out of rescue. It is hard enough to adopt out the healthy ones that are young and vibrant. But Yogi deserved love, especially after all he endured. He wasn’t young and he wasn’t healthy. I could not believe my ears when a very kind hearted woman contacted me for Yogi Bear. She was not deterred from the issues Yogi had. She traveled here from Arizona and made Yogi part of her family. I have tears in my eyes as I think about it all. How blessed I felt.

She ended up getting him a stroller for his morning participation of coffee out. Sadly, she lost Yogi Bear. She only had him a little over 3 months. What an angel she was to him. I am filled with gratitude for the huge heart she has. Such a short time, but I know in my heart, those months were the absolute best of his life. I am joyful he had such love finally. Those of us in rescue know without a doubt, it is not quantity, but quality. I am grateful to her for that. Rest in Peace Yogi Bear. Thank you so much Sue. ❤ We are so sorry for your loss.