11/16/23 10 years ago, a pekingese found her way from us to a past adopter of the same breed. Little Annie started on the streets and was much like a beagle in her hunger for food. She tried to eat all kinds of stuff like spaghetti…. Annie was a rags to riches dog. She ended up living her life in Sedona with a family that loved her. 3 years ago her mom passed away suddenly and one year ago her canine sister. It was just Annie and her dad.

I saw Annie often enough over the years as we became quite close to her adoptive family. She learned to become picky and hold out for the best food she could and they obliged and cooked for her. She ended up with some heart issues but it was under control. Then out of nowhere, a lump popped up and she was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is so ugly. Annie passed away peacefully this morning with her dad by her side. We are very sorry for his loss. Annie’s ashes will be mixed with her canine sister’s and her mom’s and I hope to hike up to Thunder Mountain in Sedona and bring them up to the top for her dad. From their house, the view of Thunder Mountain is what you see. I know she has left a hole in his heart and in his home. I hope the memories can turn to comfort with time. Rest in Peace Annie.