7/29/20 A little over 3 years ago, we helped out a fairly large rescue with close to 40 research beagles. We did not take all but coordinated with other rescues so that we all were able to help and take some. These girls had been in a lab for a very long time, being tested on and used to breed more beagles to test on. One such dog that was in there was 9 yr old Sunshine. Originally she went to one of our partners. But as some of ours got adopted months down the road, we were able to bring Sunshine here and found a wonderful home for her. She came more and more out of her shell and loved her beagle brother. Unfortunately this year, they found mammary cancer, likely from being spayed so late in her life. It had advanced rapidly and they didn’t think she had much time. She was loved fiercely these last 3 years and we are grateful for that. A research facility is a horrible place for a dog’s existence. At least her last final years were the best. We are so sorry to learned she crossed over the rainbow bridge last night but did so peacefully sleeping along side her brother. Rest in Peace Sunshine.