Scooter (previously Scratch)

8/12/20 – We have some sad news. Scooter (previously Scratch) has crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are so sad to hear this as he was not only young, but actually full of life. He was happy and playful and boy, did he love his toys! A month ago, he became suddenly ill and it was found he had congenital heart disease. He had a rough couple of days but after the meds started working, he was back to himself. We were all surprised by this discovery. We were even more shocked that only a short month later, he had some major heart episodes that landed him in the hospital and after careful monitoring, it was discovered his heart was working in overdrive and not being successful and more damage was setting in. His heart just could not do the job anymore. I cannot thank his family enough for loving him so fiercely and enjoying him so much til the end. I myself loved this little guy and his spunk for life and will greatly miss him. Rest in Peace Scooter over the rainbow bridge.