8/16/22 A few years ago, we pulled a beagle out of the shelter. She came in as a stray and was aged at 15 yrs. She was clearly blind. We noticed right away how bulged one of her eyes was. We got her set up and found out she was blind and had glaucoma. At this point, we removed the eye.

Shayla was such a happy and active girl and we soon realized she was not 15 at all. We had an applicant who was interested in adopting a puppy. She came to the rescue many times to meet different puppies and each time, she had another connection with Shayla. She soon realized that she and Shayla were meant to be together. She adopted Shayla and put the puppy crave on hold. Shayla had a zest for life and did marvelous in her forever home. She loved everyone and never let her blindness dictate her. Sadly, she was slowly declining of late and then had a stroke. She now crosses over the rainbow bridge. Rest in Peace Shayla.