Cindy (formerly Sienna)

8/19/22 About 4 years ago, we were asked to take in this poodle. We have relatively good success with this breed. We could not have been prepared for what we saw. This dog was so severely matted and neglected that she was also terrified of people. She ended up not being an easy dog to place.

We did however, find the perfect home for her. Sienna became Cindy and lived the high life with her new family. They loved her so much and her short beginnings turned into a fulfilled life. It is why we do what we do. For these poor souls to only know ugliness to then have their life turned around and to experience the love they all deserve, it truly means the world to us. We are so sorry for her parents that truly loved her. We thank them for giving her the home and love she desperately needed and we wish we could take their pain away. Rest in Peace Sienna Cindy… You will not be forgotten.