5/7/21 Today is a hard one. 5 years ago, I got a call about an old beagle that was abandoned at the airport. Someone did not want to pay to have him continue on and left him. I could not even imagine. So I went and got Murray. Murray was almost 15. He had a bum leg for reasons I have no idea.

He was set in his ways but he had plenty of life left. He loved to run around. I would ride the bike in the yard and Murray would chase me. He loved his food. When another beagle entered the rescue who was blind, he and the other beagle were dubbed the “Grumpy Old Men.” They had their little rivalry. Gumbo, the blind one, was strong but blind and constantly ran into Murray who did not appreciate it at all. Murray would start it and Gumbo would always finish it. But they were great. They just both loved food so much. One time I got bit in the foot by Murray while he was tumbling with Gumbo over a tomato, which by the way he did not even like. lol.

I would have never adopted them together. But just the right family came along for the Grumpy Old Men. Murray, who would wrap himself in blankets, was headed to cooler weather. Luckily his new mom made him sweaters. He has thrived these last years in Colorado. I honestly could have never found a more perfect home for him. Towards the end of last year, you may remember I flew up for the day to see my old men and featured them on a foster Friday live video. Murray was 20 now and that is a long life, but it does not take away the pain of his loss. There is a hole he is leaving here for the people left behind that loved him so fiercely. Many of you know I have a soft spot for the seniors. I have had my share of hospice and senior dogs and I love them so much. Murray was so special. He made a mark. I am so sorry for his passing. I know what I am feeling is only a fraction of what his family is. I am grateful that they took my old man on, and cherished him as I did. He certainly lived because of the love and care he received (and his love of food) and I know he had a wonderful end of life surrounded with love. He will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace Murray. Run free over the rainbow bridge.