5/12/21 4 years ago, we were pulling a beagle out of the shelter. At that time we were informed that he was part of a bonded pair and the old chihuahua had to go with him. So we took them both. We found out not only were they not bonded, they only tolerated each other. So we split them apart and they did great and we were able to adopt them out separately. The chihuahua was a sassy older girl, Blondie. She had barely any teeth when she came to us and after a dental for a fistula repair, she had none. She was the typical tan average size spunky chihuahua but being older, no one really wanted her. Turns out, her foster mommy who had experience with chi’s decided to make her home a permanent one for Blondie. We were thrilled. Our sassy girl fit in and was home. We never really knew how old she was but thought perhaps around 12. Sadly, Blondie passed away in her sleep. We were so glad she found her home, was loved on and would never find herself in a bad situation again. We also find comfort that she slipped away peacefully in her sleep. We are grateful to her family that loved her and made her part of her family. We also are so very sorry for their loss of Blondie. Rest in peace Blondie.