7/6/20 – We got some very sad news today…our little Mandy… She came to us 16 months ago. She had much anxiety and turned out to be a little bit of a challenge to place. She was already a senior (at 12 yrs) and a gorgeous girl but had some onset of dementia as well. We looked at some potential homes but in the end, the foster family decided their home was truly the best for her as she did the best there and was the calmest there. We didn’t want to upset her with change. Unfortunately just a year later, Mandy ended up with cancer. Her foster family is one that takes on many of the seniors and special needs. As familiar with loss as they are, it never gets easier. They love Mandy even with her issues and this is heartbreaking to let her go. I am forever grateful to them for giving her the home she truly needed and the love she absolutely deserved. Rest in Peace Mandy. We all loved you.