Lolly (Lolly-Pop)

7/13/20 -8 years ago, we were asked to take this 20-pound beagle and we did. Lolly or as we affectionately called her Lolly-pop was a hoot. She was a little one but with such personality. She found the most wonderful home and they adopted many more after and some have passed since. Lolly eventually made the move with her family out of state. I was fortunate to watch her over the years. She was always fun to have around and a complete pleasure. She hated the camera for many years, lol. It was so hard to get a picture of her, but eventually she warmed up to that. Lolly just crossed over the rainbow bridge. She was 19 yrs. We are extremely saddened to hear this and have our sincerest thoughts and prayers for her family. We will all miss her terribly. Rest in peace my Lolly-pop. ❤