6/20/23 10 years ago, I was asked to pull a beagle from the shelter in Pahrump. We welcomed Chance. He, we believe, was a beagle/vizsla. He was slow to trust but once he did, he was all love. Chance found a family of his own. Several years later, after a move, Chance dug out of the yard and was hit by a car. As sad as it was, he survived although ended up losing a leg. His family still loved him and being a tripod did not slow him down at all – this guy could run!

Sadly, he recently hurt his back and was found to have IVDD, which was a devastating diagnosis for this little tripod. The surgery had a poor prognosis and before a decision could be made, it got worse and there was only one decision left. Sadly Chance crossed over the rainbow bridge. He will not be forgotten. He was loved and gave love tenfold. We are so sorry for his family. We know the terrible pain of losing them. We loved Chance. Rest in peace my boy.