Star Bella

8/6/23 Star came into our rescue a little over one and half years ago. She came from a horrible start in life. Living in a rabbit hutch for 9 years until her owner died and no one even knew she was back there until a utility worker spotted her three weeks later. She had chemical burns from standing in urine soaked hay. She was riddled with parasites.

When she first came to us, she found some garbage to lay in, like that is all she deserved. After that, we made sure to pour love into her and let her know she was worth more and never had to go back to that life. She not only found a home and was adopted, but she found the most loving home for her. She then became Star Bella. She went from rags to riches with a large house and yard and a mommy to spoil her rotten as she deserves. Her mommy even adopted her a sister. Unfortunately, Star Bella crossed over the rainbow bridge. Even though her time in a home was short, we are grateful that she knew love in the end. Star Bella does not know she was only in her family a short time, she just knows she was loved and we hope that was the only memory she had. We send out our condolences to her family and thank them for adopting her. Rest in Peace Star Bella.