10/11/20 – Earlier this year we took in a senior. Normally we have our seniors for a bit, but Snoopy caught the eye of a loving family and was placed rather quickly. We could not have found a better place. These last few months we watched Snoopy and his family completely in love and happiness. Snoopy might have been 14 but he was living his best life. Shortly after he was adopted, they found he had cancer but did not let that get in the way of the life they gave him. They knowingly took a senior on and facing the chance of loss, they continued to love him completely. Sadly his body could not keep going and he has now crossed over the rainbow bridge. We thank his family for giving him the opportunity for such grace and we mourn with them in this loss. Anyone that viewed any of the images or videos knows how incredible the love and life was and we are all so sorry for the loss. Rest in Peace Snoopy.