12/10/20 – An alumni crossed over the rainbow bridge today. A little over 3 years ago, I got a call that a beagle was tied to a pole in a school yard. He was abandoned. His nails were so long and he was very overweight. He had a bit of a grumpy streak. As fate turned out, a most wonderful foster stepped up for him realizing he was not everyone’s cup of tea. Just a short time after, he adopted Shiloh and has loved him ever since. Shiloh and his Dad hit the jackpot with each other. I do not think I could have found a more perfect spot for him and I am grateful that he got the love and care he truly needed. He slimmed down and was part of a family. Unfortunately Shiloh ended up with a tumor in his heart and had little time. He actually continued to live for longer than thought and I can only imagine that was because of the love he received. We are so sorry for his loss and are so grateful to his Dad. Rest in Peace Shiloh.

Thank you to our friends at Reboot My Garage and Senior Home Guide!