4/18/20 – 7 years ago, a beagle who was perfect was sitting in the shelter just waiting for a family. He was there for a long time and so we decided to pull him out. He was about 6 years old and had the most unique markings. He was such a happy dog. He went into a foster home and shortly after, he became the first Foster Fail for our dear friend. All these years he saw many more dogs in and out of his home but one thing was consistent….his home and his mommy. They remained his constant love. Sadly Roscoe crossed over the rainbow bridge. I thank Roscoe for all the dogs he helped transition. I thank his Mom for giving him that home he so deserved. We send out our deepest condolences. I will always remember Roscoe for his happiness. When I was looking through what pictures I have of him, he was smiling, running, and playing. It was not hard to see how someone could fall for him so quickly. Rest in Peace Roscoe, watch over mommy from above.