2/2/23 Ravioli came to our rescue during the pandemic. He found his dad right away and was pretty happy. Unfortunately his dad passed away at the beginning of this year due to cancer. Ravioli came back to the rescue. He was so happy with his dad, that we knew this would be a change.

Because his dad was sick, Ravioli was not getting the care he needed. We believed they missed a diagnosis. We proceeded with getting him back to health. We got him surgery for his teeth and a growth and had all the testing done and found out, he has Cushings. The Cushing medicine was ordered and he was cleared and ready to find his new home. We were thrilled to see a past adopter wanted to adopt him!

Unfortunately, just 3 days before he was to go to his new home, he passed away in one of his beds at home at Beagletopia. We were shocked. Ravioli was a good boy and we had high hopes for him, but in the end, we feel he might have passed from a broken heart. Now Ravioli joins his dad. We just never know the time any of us are given. Rest in peace over the rainbow bridge Ravioli.