8/5/22 – 8 years ago in 2014, I saw a post that a fellow rescuer posted of a little blind dog at the shelter. Her life was in danger and she would be euthanized for being blind. We had just started taking “littles” in 6 months previously. I have had plenty of blind dogs, so why not. We pulled her out of the shelter and met her “Larger than Life” personality. Precious was an exceptional blind dog. She was born blind. She was so loving and playful. We tried to adopt her out but she was returned after she went in the house (within the first 48 hrs). We knew Precious knew the dog door but also knew how lazy she could be. She also marked even though people tell me females do not mark – lol. She was a famous marker, lol!

Precious stayed with me at Beagletopia the rest of her life. She was one of our resident Littles and everyone got to know her and love her. Precious has helped many dogs who have come through the rescue. She met people with happiness and a smile and always made people feel better. Often I would reach over in bed and touch her soft fur to comfort me. Yesterday, Precious had a phenomenal day. She ate (even though she was not a beagle, she definitely was trained by them regarding food) and played. Then suddenly she had a seizure and she lost consciousness and stopped breathing. This actually happened once before a few years ago. She came out of it but instantly fell back into another one and we were off the the vet. I cradled her in my arms and she left this earth before we even got to the vet.

I am in shock. My beautiful girl….she will forever be missed. I am heartbroken that she left me but so happy she was not in pain and had a great morning and was happy. It is bittersweet that she touched so many lives and taught so many about “littles” and blind dogs. I often was asked throughout her life, “if she was really blind.” She truly was but she was a warrior and she never let that prevent her from anything. I am grateful for the love she received throughout her life here at Beagletopia. Her sister Piper and Onyx will truly miss her as well as Chain, who was the last one to play with her. Rest in peace my baby girl… Please meet me at the bridge.