1/27/21 Some sad news today. One of our alumni crossed over the bridge. 4 years ago, I went and picked up a beagle from the shelter. She had been confiscated and she was in rough shape. Her foster dad, who is known for taking on the heavier less wanted ones, loved her fairly instant. He ended up adopting her. I am forever grateful to him for the love he pours into the unwanted older, heavier beagles. They always end up getting back to healthy and full of so much love. I know Millie (previously Petunia) knew how loved she was. Unfortunately Millie follows her brother only a month later. I am so very sorry for her dad who is dealing with such incredible loss. You can see what a beautiful girl she was. I am so fulfilled that these last years were undoubtedly her best years. Rest in Peace Millie.