3/23/20 5 years ago, I spotted a shih tzu at our local shelter. He had an eye injury and his eyeball was sitting on his face. He had been like that at the shelter for 5 days. I was horrified. We pulled him out and had surgery done asap.

This didn’t slow him down one bit. He was a very happy guy. He snored and loved to eat (much like a beagle). We named him Patch. Shortly after he was with us, he found his forever home. Little did I know then, this person would leave a mark on my life and become a very good friend. Patch lived such a great life and I could not have found someone to love him more. Truly a perfect match. We all shared fun times and many laughs.  Today though, we shared sadness and tears as Patch crossed over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly.  What saddens me even more, I couldn’t be there for either of them to assist them through due to our current state with an invisible virus.

We send out our prayers and thoughts and an abundance of love for his family. He will truly be missed.  Rest in peace Patch. I’ll look after mama.