10/25/20 – Today we said good-bye to Nana. At the beginning of August we saw a senior lady at risk for euthanasia by gas chamber in a neighboring shelter. We worked with another rescue and many caring people to get her out of that shelter and bring her here. It was pretty apparent on arrival that she had some medical going on. She did have some neurological issues and after an evaluation, we found she had extended cancer. We were determined to make sure whatever time she had left, would be filled with love and fun. Nana did settle into her foster home and thrived. She played and learned new tricks from her foster siblings. She loved her food and her family. Today, abruptly, Nana collapsed. She was struggling to breathe and was not eating and starting to suffer. It is unfortunate that her normal vet is closed. We could not let her suffer. Nana peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge. Her foster family helped her over. She was a senior and not with us long but her impact will last. We will miss her greatly. We want to sincerely thank her foster family for providing her final months with love. We could not have asked for anything more for her. Rest in Peace Nana. You are a special girl.