6/11/20 – Milo came to us at the beginning of January.  He was in terrible condition with likely years of neglect. This poor boy was 16 yrs of age. We found out shortly after he had a neck mass. We vowed to make his life better and give him quality care and love for how ever many days he had left. We did just that. His foster family was superb and took him to his final breath today.  Milo was struggling to breathe and had stopped eating. I cannot thank his foster family enough for the love and kindness they bestowed on Milo. He looked great and felt good and was not in pain for all of these months. I wish we could have helped him sooner but I am at peace knowing his final months were filled with compassion,  kindness, care, love and happiness.  It is all I could ask for. Rest in Peace Milo