Maxwell Smart (formerly Bigby)

11/17/20 – It is hard to believe this is the only picture I have. This little guy was in need of assistance 6 years ago and on Thanksgiving Day, I pulled him out of the shelter and placed him into a home. As it turns out, he never left that home. His foster family adopted him and they named him Maxwell Smart. Max unfortunately ran into some trouble and was rushed to the vet today. We are saddened that he was worse than we thought. We never expected that he would not come home but Max turned out to be very sick and did not make it home. What we can be thankful for is the fact that Max was extremely loved. His owner was sorry that he wasn’t able to save him. What he doesn’t realize is that he did save him. We can only ask that the dog feels and is loved fiercely throughout his life and we do believe that happened for Max. Rest in Peace Max. Sweet boy.