5/16/22 Mars was a senior guy we spotted in our local shelter. He had some issues but fixable. The shelter adopted him out and did not fix anything. We were surprised when our little guy showed up at the shelter one month later with all the same issues. We pulled him out. We attended to his eye which had an infection because no one gave him drops for dry eye. He also had an infection along the bone in his mouth. So painful. We took care of Mars.

We speculated time and again if he had been a show dog previously. His hair was like silk and he had a prance in his walk. Mars got healthy and certainly was happy. He was under the care of our eye doctor. As time passed and his eyesight diminished, we found he did not do well with any type of change at all. We decided then, he would be a forever foster. We noticed in the last 2 months, he was declining and now had dementia. We gave him meds and hoped for the best. This past week, we made the difficult decision to let this baby go home to heaven. We were glad we helped Mars and gave him a peaceful and happy pain free end of life. We want to Thank his foster family for giving him all the love he needed and deserved. Rest in Peace Mars.