Maisy (formerly August)

7/29/22 A little more than 5 years ago, we were contacted to help with 40 research dogs that were released from a laboratory. At the time, we could not take all 40 but asked our fellow beagle rescues to assist. We ended up with 12. Among them was a beagle named August. Now these beagles were like all the videos you see where they are touching grass for the first time. These were not normal dogs. They had no idea how to be a dog, especially the older ones who spent their entire life in a cage being tested on and bred over and over. They had trust issues and why wouldn’t they?

August ended up being adopted and started her new life as Maisy! Maisy had many “firsts.” For us seeing the pain they were in and what they went through, every first touched our hearts. Maisy was 14 when her body could not go on anymore. She will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Maisy girl until we meet again. ❤