3/11/21 Landon was a very handsome chocolate boy. He came to us through our rescue partner. We do not know what his early life was like but we do know that whoever had him, moved and left him behind, all alone. He was found barely alive at only 8 lbs, which is basically a bag of bones and skin. He had heart worms and went through that treatment and it took a bit to get some weight on him and a dental done. He underwent two surgeries for that as he was super weak. He came to us last year. He was very frail. He was blind and still thin and he would get bouts of diarrhea. Over all there was not anything really wrong with him but being old and fragile. Landon lived with one of our fosters and learned love and even put on a few pounds. We think he knew he was loved. Recently Landon had been having nose bleeds and slowing down even more. He went to the vet which completely stressed him out and we found out he had quite a few issues going on. Mass in his nose, oro-nasal fistulas and he stopped eating. Later his breathing became labored. Landon crossed over the rainbow bridge with compassion and love. He touched hearts along the way. Landon was not treated well previously but we hope we made up for this in his final year. We want to thank his foster mom who loved him fiercely and also Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue who rescued him and started him on a path of caring. Rest in Peace Landon.