4/27/21 – Lambchop started her journey in Mississippi with our partners, Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue. They pulled her out of the shelter and started working on her medical and treating the heartworms. She then made her journey here to us. Lambchop was such a sweet girl and really not that old, maybe 8. But her life was not nice or sweet and her body was not cared for. She was very frail and although we were working on her medical, she was declining rapidly. She just hadn’t entered rescue soon enough.

We tried, all of us, to get her healthy. Earlier in the week, she was moved to a hospice level as her health was not improving and her lungs were so damaged. We were trying to keep her comfortable. Unfortunately that did not last long, she could not be comforted and we helped her cross over the rainbow bridge. We are truly sorry and absolutely hate this outcome. We showered her with all the kindness we could muster so that she knew some love in her short life. We are so sorry Lambchop. Rest in peace our little love.