8/3/21  This is a hard one. Many of you remember Kami. She has now earned her wings.  Kami was in a shelter at the age of 17! That was unacceptable and we stepped in. We brought her into our rescue and worked on getting her back on track in health and comfort. She came in with severe allergies that were neglected and secondary infections in her paws because of it. Eventually Kami came back to health and thrived in her foster home. We knew an adoption was going to be hard and prepared to have her through her remaining days.

As it turned out, someone saw how special Kami was and adopted her. Kami got to be in her forever home getting the love and care she always deserved just shy of one and half years. Unfortunately several months ago, they found a tumor. Kami has lived a joyous time in this home and recently succumbed to her disease and passed over the rainbow bridge. She made it to 19 years of age. I for one love seniors and cannot stand for them to be dumped in a shelter and God forbid die there. Kami was a senior but she still had plenty of life and love left in her and I will forever be grateful to those that took a chance and saw that in her. I thank her foster mom who had her 8 months and her forever Mom who had her the rest of the time. We all loved Kami. She melted our hearts. We will never forget her. Rest in Peace Kami. You earned your wings and we were thankful you touched our lives.