Juls (formerly PomPom)

9/26/22 6 years ago, we took in this cute little Pomeranian who was abandoned and one of our volunteers named her PomPom. She was pretty cute and rivaled the beagles for food. As it happened, someone was visiting one of our volunteers from out of town and met her. She returned home and within two weeks she was back to pick up Juls (her now new name).

Juls became a princess in her forever home and I have no doubt how much
she was loved and cared for and knew it. That is the one thing I strive for and am comforted when I know it has happened. Unfortunately, out of no where Juls became suddenly ill. She was brought in for urgent care and they found devastating news. She could not be saved. She was struggling to breathe and her lung could not be repaired. A catastrophic blow. We are all so very sorry to her family for the loss of their precious girl. We thank them for loving her and holding her close to their heart. Rest in peace Juls.