Joey (formerly Evan)

2/21/23 Evan came into our rescue in May of last year and one and half months later, he was adopted and became Joey. He was such an easy going guy. Joey had a slight murmur when he entered the rescue but it was not one even requiring medicine and he never had heartworms. We thought all was fine, but he recently went in to the vet for a sprain and she noticed his murmur had increased significantly and took x-rays.

It confirmed that Joey’s heart was enlarged and his outlook did not look good. Unfortunately only two weeks later, Joey had a heart attack and passed away. It really hits you again that none of us know how much time we have. Any of us can go at any time. We are so very sorry for his family’s loss. This was a devastating blow that some of us know all too well. We want to thank them for pouring all the love into him. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Joey.