4 years ago we pulled a beagle out of the shelter who almost died because of an ear infection, an obvious fix. He was a good-natured guy and it did not take long for him to find his family. Funny enough, the family came looking for a beagle and then met a poodle mix that was being fostered with Higgins. We were surprised that they asked to adopt both. Both had been fostered together and we were so happy that they both found a wonderful home. About a year ago, Higgins was diagnosed with Lymphoma. no one wants to hear that ever. He put up a good fight and his family was pulling for him. Alas, this weekend, he succumbed to the disease and they had to say good-bye. We are so thankful he found a great home filled with love and also are saddened he passed away before his time at only 9 years old. Rest in Peace Higgins. We are so sorry your family is dealing with your loss.