9/7/23 One of our alumni has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Freddy came to us when I was driving down the road and he darted across the road in front of me. I stopped my car and jumped out, blocking all the traffic. I was on my way to the vet office so was able to get him scanned. At first, we thought this was going to be an incredible reunion as the dog had been missing for one year and we were excited for a reunion. That thought was instantly deflated when we were told by the owners, “we lost that dog a year ago, we don’t want him now, we got another dog.” How disappointing. This is what microchips are for; to reunite. Therefore, Freddy came into our rescue.

He was such a cutie. Freddy found a home and lived a marvelous life. Likely one far better than what he might have gone back to. Freddy was with his family for 10 years. We wished it was longer but we are grateful they loved him and made him part of the family all this time. Rest in Peace Freddy.