3/8/23 A rural shelter in Utah contacted us about an old senior dog, who was maybe 15 years old,  and brought in as a stray. They felt he was blind and deaf and in poor shape. I immediately said yes. We had some amazing supporters that jumped in to transport him and get him to us. I named him Flynn (a family name actually).

Flynn was in poor shape. He was emaciated and had lumps, some that opened up and bled all over. I instantly loved him. There is something about a dog in such need that calls me. Turns out, Flynn had two different cancers. He was not a surgery candidate since he was anemic, dehydrated, in renal failure, AND had pancreatitis. The list goes on, he has muscle loss, which they believe from being confined. Well, we know whoever had him was a piece of s**t, because there is no way he just got in this condition and someone was actually caring for him. Someone used him and discarded him like trash. How disgraceful!

I poured all my love into him. He was worth more than how he was treated. Flynn got to eat whatever he wanted. He started with rotisserie chickens and then after two, lost interest. He moved onto cheese subs (I shared mine with him when he first showed interest), then cheeseburgers. After a while, he did not want the bun. He loved cheese and the burger and also bacon. Better if he got them all together which he often did. Burger King sure liked us as we were one of their best customers. Flynn got around amazingly well. He also could hear and see a smidge and would respond to me and look for me. He rarely barked and only seemed to when he bayed for me. I never minded and often picked him up for cuddles regardless if I was working or not. He always crumpled into me and I was happy to see he was getting the love he always deserved and he responded to it. He craved it. We knew it was only a matter of time since he was in such poor shape. 41 days later, Flynn crossed over the rainbow bridge while I held him tightly in my arms and told him he was loved and I would need him to meet me when it is my time and I would see him again… I asked Flynn to find Clarence and thank him for me, for bringing you to me. He was therapeutic for me as I was for him. Run free Flynn, I love you. Rest in peace my boy. 💕