Easter Babies ๐Ÿ’”

4/9/21 – His loving light blessed us early Easter morning and gave us 5 babies. But then he called them home one by one. He saw our sorrow, he saw us fight and gave them strength, but in the end, he called them home. Our little ones were small and frail. We barely slept and were up all night, but in the end he called them home. We only had them 5 days total. A day for each baby perhaps. Our last baby left us early this morning. We shared the love. We shared the loss. It was a group effort. We tried our hardest. We each take a piece with us. We feel we failed but his guidance showed us his mercy and called them home. We wish we could do more but it was not meant to be.
A silent thought, a secret tear
Keeps your memory ever dear ๐Ÿ’”
Rest in Peace my Easter Babies… I carry this with me and pray I did enough before he called you home.